Comedians Sound Off on Why They're Roasting Roseanne Barr (Video)

Comedy Central's Roast Roseanne Barr and Jeffrey Ross on Stage - H 2012
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Comedy Central's Roast Roseanne Barr and Jeffrey Ross on Stage - H 2012

Leave it to the comedians to give a completely blunt answer when The Hollywood Reporter asked them why 2012 is the right time to honor Roseanne Barr with a roast.

“I think we’re roasting Roseanne now because we’ve run out of anybody else,” Gilbert Gottfried told THR on the red carpet before the event.

Gottfried joins fellow roasters Seth Green, Jeffrey Ross, Ellen Barkin, Amy Schumer and Anthony Jeselnik at the event, which taped on Saturday, Aug. 4, and airs on Comedy Central on Aug. 12 at 10 p.m.

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“She deserves to be feted, and in the comedy world we fete each other by ripping each other apart,” said Roast Master Jane Lynch.

Several of the roasters agreed that it wasn’t exactly the right time, with Jeselnik saying it’s “15 years too late.”

“Roseanne is long overdue to get skewered,” said Frances Fisher, who attended the event as a guest.

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Gottfriend, who seemed to be already warming up for his set on stage, had plenty more to tell THR about the timeliness of Roseanne’s roast.

“I think it was like, ‘So Screech from Saved by the Bell said no? Alright, get Roseanne,’” he said.

Comedy Central’s Roast of Roseanne has already gotten plenty of attention because comedian Ross wore a Joe Paterno costume to the taping, and then made a joke about the Aurora, Colo., shooting. The joke, however, will be cut from the broadcast.

“She is all about exercising her freedom of speech,” Ross told THR about Barr. “And I figure if people don’t like what they’re seeing, they can do what Joe Paterno did – look the other way.”

Watch THR's interview at the Roast below.

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