'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Star Calls 'South Park' Spoof 'Trashy' (Video)

Mam June Thompson Headshot - P 2012

Mam June Thompson Headshot - P 2012

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has inspired many spoofs, but its stars aren't necessarily laughing.

In particular, "Mama" June Thompson -- the matriarch of the self-proclaimed redneck family that stars on the TLC reality hit -- takes issue with South Park's recent episode titled "Raising the Bar," in which Honey Boo Boo gets a heart transplant after eating too much "'sketti and butter."

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She goes to a pig farm to choose a pig heart that’s got enough pizzazz to be in a pageant to “work it with her.” When the farmer lifts up the hog she chooses at first, Honey Boo Boo changes her mind and shouts, “No, wait! That pig over there gave me the evil eye! I want that one! I want that one!”

But June isn't laughing.

"Some of [the spoofs] are kind of funny, but South Park -- me being a big person, I didn't take offense," she told TMZ of the Comedy Central show.

But, she added: "That show is not a show that I would want to be on to begin with, and the previews looked like it would be OK, but just the way they portrayed the show,  it was kinda trashy."

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As viewers of Honey Boo Boo know, the Thompson family -- self-proclaimed rednecks -- bought beauty pageant contestant Alana (aka "Honey Boo Boo") a pet pig to cheer her up after she lost a pageant. After Alana named him Glitzy, she had a humorous exchange with her sister, Lauryn (aka "Pumpkin"):

"That's a girl name, Glitzy," Alana declares. "We're gonna make it a girl pig, so he's gonna be a little gay." When her sister Pumpkin replies that "it's not gonna be gay," Alana says, "Yes it is, 'cause we're making it a girl pig, and it's actually a boy pig." When Pumpkin protests again that the pig won't be gay, Alana says: "It can if it wants to. You can't tell that pig what to do."

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But, alas, the pig turned out to be too much trouble -- at one point, he went No. 2 on the kitchen table -- so the family returned him to his breeder, presumably with all organs intact.

Watch the TMZ interview and South Park spoof below.