Comic-Con 2011: 5 Minutes With 'Web Soup's' Chris Hardwick (Video)

If you've attended Comic-Con, it's no secret how overwhelming it can be.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with self-proclaimed nerd and Web Soup host Chris Hardwick (also the mastermind behind on the convention floor from the G4 booth to survey the chaos that takes place on any given day during the geekfest -- and the lack of phone service.


"It took five minutes to send a tweet through," Hardwick said, "so as you can probably imagine, when you cram 30,000 nerds into one space they're going to choke out the network a little bit."

Aside from his duties as moderator (leading The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory panels on Friday) and personality/host (doing two podcasts off-site), Hardwick did share that -- if he had the time, he'd be in line for the world premiere of Cowboys & Aliens directed by Jon Favreau, who guest edited THR's special Comic-Con issue; Prometheus; and yes, The Walking Dead.

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"The only way I was going to get in [to The Walking Dead panel] was if I was moderating," Hardwick joked, sort of.

While the Con provides experieneces one could never imagine, Sunday will be a different story. Hardwick called it a "mass exodus" and estimated that getting out of downtown San Diego would take "a day and a half," before he took control of the camera.

What you didn't see: G4's Attack of the Show host Kevin Pereira showing off his Spider-Man tricks.