Comic-Con 2011: 'Burn Notice': 8 Highlights From the 'Fall of Sam Axe' Panel

Bruce Campbell and Matt Nix talked about Jeffrey Donovan, filming the prequel movie in Colombia and what's next on Thursday in San Diego.
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Comic-Con started off on the right foot on Thursday morning with the first television panel for USA Network's Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe telepic starring fan favorite Bruce Campbell.

Like last year's session, it was all about Campbell, who personally confirming that Evil Dead was indeed going to be remade (and that Miami-set spy drama Burn Notice was returning for a sixth season): "I may be the old guy in the end," Campbell joked.

When asked about whether Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan, who directed the telepic in Colombia, was still No. 1 on the call sheet, Campbell said dejected, "No Jeffrey Donovan was still No. 1 on the sheet."

The DVD of the telepic will be in stores on Tuesday.

Here are 8 other highlights during the Burn Notice: Fall of Sam Axe panel:

1. Fiona may be getting a telepic: When a fan asked during the Q&A session whether there would be more telepics coming, Nix said that Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) could be getting one that would explore her her backstory more.

2. Campbell has style: The Evil Dead actor entered Ballroom 20 wearing a snazzy pink shirt, turquoise pants with a white blazer.

3. Did Michael and Sam cross the line?: "Jeffrey Donovan and I spend a loot of time in the Charger. One time it got out of hand .. or in hand," Campbell said after a fan asked the actor to share a scandalous on-set story.

4. Sam Axe is Campbell: "It has to be some version of you," Campbell said. "You can't escape who you are. Axe would be me on my worst, stupidest day. Sam Axe is pretty much me right now."

5. Nix and Campbell are closer than ever: "I hear your voice in my head now," Burn Notice creator Matt Nix said about writing Campbell's character. "I'll be sleeping with my wife and you'll be like, 'Come on kid.' "

6. Who is Michael's big brother figure?: How is Sam different than Michael? "The best older brother there ever was," Nix said. "That, for me, is where I go when I go to write your character. ... Michael is always struggling with his dark side ... and Sam is a straight-up guy and knows who he is."

7. Donovan was on a "list" of directors for Sam Axe telepic: "Jeffrey liked the idea of directing it," Nix revealed, but everyone was tiptoeing around the idea of that actually going through. Campbell added: "He's very cagey. ... He said, 'Who's going to direct it? He goes, 'You got a list, huh?' ... 'Can you put me on the list?' I said, 'I don't know.' Then he gave me the Michael Westen death stare."

8. Colombia was out of the comfort zone: "We wanted to do something not in Miami," Nix says of the Colombia shoot. "We were putting you (to Campbell) in a country that wasn't a Burn Notice feel." But things weren't all easy breezy. "Two hours in traffic driving to set," Nix recalled, who added that they couldn't bring in gun powder but could use propane in Colombia. "We set a record ... 15 1/2 pages we shot on the last day of production."