Comic-Con 2011: 'Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe' Director Jeffrey Donovan Breaks Down During Filming (Video)

Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan directed the prequel telepic The Fall of Sam Axe, starring Bruce Campbell. But things on-set weren't the prettiest between Donovan and Campbell during the shoot.

During Thursday's Burn Notice panel at Comic-Con in Ballroom 20, Campbell didn't hold anything back, revealing how Donovan put himself on a list of directors for the telepic and creator Matt Nix recalling a conversation between he and Donovan about how to incorporate a donkey into the story.

Director Aaron Ginsburg was tasked to tell the real story behind the filming of The Fall of Sam Axe and this is just a teaser that was shown at Comic-Con of what he uncovered. (The full mockumentary is available on the DVD, in stores Tuesday.)


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