Comic-Con 2011: Check-In With GetGlue for Stickers, Exclusives

Swag and other special rewards will be available to all users who check in during the Wednesday-Sunday event.

Social networking entertainment site is heading to Comic-Con.

The site has teamed with networks and studios for exclusive Comic-Con stickers for more than 25 television shows and feature films.

From The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, True Blood and Dexter to features Cowboys & Aliens and Captain America, fans who check-in at each panel will receive exclusive stickers, swag and other special rewards.

For example, fans who check in at Showtime’s Dexter/Shameless/Homeland panel will receive exclusive stickers as well as 15 percent off Comic-Con gear at the official Showtime store with trivia stickers promoting Dexter where 10 fans could win a special Dexter action figure.

Registered users unable to attend the San Diego event can also check-in during the Wednesday-Sunday event to earn stickers as well.

GetGlue had more than 7 million check-ins in June with more than 1.3 million users.

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