Comic-Con 2011: 'Chuck's' Zachary Levi (Q&A)

Want tips for a successful panel? The actor and Comic-Con veteran recommends having Jeffster perform "Fat Bottomed Girls."
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Zachary Levi

With hundreds of thousands of people attending San Diego Comic-Con every year and the July 20-24 event quickly approaching, The Hollywood Reporter chatted with the big names in television to discuss their favorite memories and tips for attending the annual event. THR’s Live Feed will talk Comic-Con with actors, writers and producers in the days leading up to the event so check back soon for interviews and the latest news on panels and screenings.

Zachary Levi
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Comic-Con panel: Saturday, July 23, 10 a.m. Ballroom 20.

THR: What stands out from your first Comic-Con?
This will be our fifth Comic-Con and the first year, Chuck hadn’t aired yet. They screened our pilot episode in a smaller hall to about 2,000 people and we got a standing ovation. It was amazing to feel that love from Day 1. We knew that the fans were with us from that point.

THR: What’s the best thing a fan has said to you at Comic-Con?
I’ve had parents thank me for being a part of the show because the family watches the show together. It hearkens back to what entertainment used to be -- when families would sit around a radio or television in its infancy.

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THR: What makes for a successful panel?
The most badass panel Chuck had was when Jeffster performed “Fat Bottomed Girls.” Everybody went crazy; it was like we were the Beatles at Shea Stadium.

THR: What questions do you recommend fans not ask during panels?
Don’t ask about spoilers.

THR: If you were to attend in costume, what would it be?
This year I was thinking about dressing up like a Stormtrooper so I could go walk along the floor.

THR: What are you planning this year for Comic-Con?
I started a company last year called the Nerd Machine. Being a fellow nerd, I saw that there was no brand for nerds for accessories like iPhone cases, etc. This year, I’m throwing a giant four-day event in San Diego called the Nerd HQ. It’s going to be an interactive experience with video games, technology and panels but more intimate than Comic-Con with proceeds benefiting Operation Smile. All this will be on top of the Chuck panel and signings.

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