Comic-Con 2011: 'Community's' EP Dan Harmon Is Glad 'Glee' Got Its Emmy Nom

"I want an Emmy," the show's exec producer declares on Saturday's panel.
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Dan Harmon at Comic-Con.

There are two things we know to be true. The fact that NBC's Community didn’t get an Emmy nod for outstanding comedy series or for any of its talented cast is a definite oversight. And second, the show’s EP, Dan Harmon, isn’t exactly known for keeping his thoughts to himself. So, when Harmon was asked about the recent Emmy nominations, he took a moment to congratulate Fox’s hit musical comedy for its nomination.

“I’m just glad Glee finally got some recognition,” he jokes while the audience breaks out in thunderous applause. “It is hard to be that show. No one meets you half way. They’re out there in the wilderness, just trying to get by. I think an Outstanding Comedy Series nomination will finally give them the boost they need to keep it on the air.”


All jokes aside, Harmon clearly feels passionate about his show getting one of those golden statues. “I will work for the rest of my life to get this show an Emmy,” he vows. “I’m not implying entitlement. I’m just saying the more that I’m hit, the more I will love the person that’s hitting me. It’s a childhood thing. I don’t care. I want an Emmy. We’ll get one eventually. “

Of course the show’s chances of winning an Emmy requires more than just its creator and its cast. To prove that, Harmon brought some of his writers on stage and he also explained his process for picking the show’s scribes.

“They have to be geniuses,” he says without irony. “They have to be able to do everything. You try to find joke writers and then balance them with storywriters. But, the Community writers have to be good at all of it, because the show hangs by their thread on late, late writing sessions. They need to be jacks of all trades.”

“I look for scripts that on the first page, I understand everything,” he continues. “And I laugh at them, laughing twice. I don’t know. I’m just looking for geniuses, because I depend on them.”

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Other fun and spoilery things revealed in the panel:

-- The Season 2 DVD collection releases on Sept. 6 with a lot of amazing features, including episode commentary, deleted scenes, a behind the scenes featurette on the Christmas and paintball episodes, and a bloopers reel. You want it.

-- The Wire's Michael K. Williams is Greendale's new Biology professor.

-- Jim Rash, who plays Dean Pelton, has been promoted to a series regular. We still expect him to borrow his sister’s costumes. Also, we can’t wait to see the cartoon version of him in the animated opening credits.

-- Senor Chang (Ken Jeong) will gain back some authority. We’re not sure if he’s a professor again, though. “An empowered Chang is a funnier campus,” Harmon says.

-- Jeff will graduate. Harmon feels the show promised a four-year story for Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) and he’s going to stick to it.

-- Troy (Donald Glover) and Abed (Danny Pudi) are moving in with each other. Expect more tent parties. That came out wrong.

-- All the old faves mixed with some new. There will be another crazy Halloween episode, which is being planned right now. Undecided on a third paintball episode, though Harmon is afraid someone will kill him if they don’t. Also within the first six episodes, the show will have an episode that plays with timelines and possibly alternate realities.

-- There will be a new musical season opener for the premiere on Thursday, Sept. 22. on NBC.

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