Comic-Con 2011: 'Falling Skies' Star Noah Wyle on the Tom-Weaver Showdown, Season 2 Plans (Video)

It's a tragic world Noah Wyle finds himself in as Tom Mason on TNT's sci-fi alien drama Falling Skies. But finding any means to survive and protect others alike aren't the only predicaments.

Wyle spoke to The Hollywood Reporter at Comic-Con about the internal and external struggles Tom faces on a daily basis, acting almost like a reluctant hero -- including an anticipated face-off with hard-nosed Weaver (Will Patton).


With the first half of Falling Skies behind us, Wyle said that the last half is about being more proactive in fighting the aliens and not reactive. "The second half of the season is really about identifying some vulnerability in the aliens and turning the tables and bringing the fight to them and to the city of Boston," the ER vet told THR.

In the most recent episode, it was decided that the children would be split up from the adults, but whether that turns out to be a good decision on Tom's part will be played out during Sunday's episode -- which acts as a resolution to the two-parter. "Whether they're safer away from you or whether your kids are safer with you, that's the ethical dilemma," Wyle said.

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So what was he most excited for viewers to see? The showdown between Tom and Weaver. For more on that and Wyle's desires for Season 2, watch the full video interview.


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