Comic-Con 2011: 'Game of Thrones' Panel's 10 Best Moments (Video)

From how the series ends to talk of baby dragons, here are the best –- and often funniest -– moments during Thursday's session.
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Thursday's Game of Thrones panel in Ballroom 20 felt more like a comedy than the fantasy period drama that it is as the cast, executive producers and author George R.R. Martin toyed with their favorite moments from Season 1 to how they envision the series ultimately ending.


Here are the 10 best moments from Game of Thrones' debut panel at Comic-Con.
1. Executive producer David Benioff noted that he was initially intimidated by length of the novels when the first four books showed up on his doorstep. "I thought, 'Wow, I don't know how I'll get into these.' But when Bran gets pushed out the window, I was hooked. It's like crack on paper."
2. Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, landed the role fresh out of drama school and joked that nothing could have prepared her for playing the fierce princess. "There were no dragons in drama school," she said with a laugh.

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3. Lena Headey had one of the best zingers during the hourlong session, joking that the widly hated Queen Cersei Baratheon is fun for her to play since she isn't trying to be morally good. "I think she's misunderstood and just loves her children," she joked.
4. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was a good sport when Martin, who moderated the session, asked if he was prepared for his nose to become a source of Internet discussion. The actor, who plays Jamie Lannister, shared a story where a lighting designer he worked with on a film approached him, drunk, and said, " 'When I saw that nose I thought, shit, I'm in trouble.' "

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5. It turns out that dancing landed Jason Momoa his part as the fierce warrior Khal Drogo. Producers hadn't heard of the actor yet – joking that they hadn't "kept up on Baywatch" – and Momoa came in and read the scene and wound up performing a dance as Drogo that proved to be the tipping point.
6. Momoa was equal parts charming and hilarious when discussing the language of the Dothraki, created by David Petersen. "It's like German-Arabic and it sounded like a cross between Jabba the Hut and Fozzie Bear," he joked. "I went back to my hotel, ordered pizza and drank a lot of Guinness." He later shared a tender moment with his on-screen bride Clarke, exchanging what – if there had been subtitles on the big screens – was clearly an expression of love.

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7. When a fan asked the panelists how they envisioned the series ending, almost everyone threw their two cents out, but it was a stoic Peter Dinklage, who had the best response: "Dance number," he deadpanned. Not to be outmatched, Martin joked that the new book "is called A Dance With Dragons."
8. The session's loudest screams came for Kit Harington, who plays Ned Stark's (Sean Bean) bastard son Jon Snow, when he suggested the series end with Snow on the throne. "I want Jon Snow to be on the throne, definitely," he said. "That's the brilliant thing about the series – who knows who's going to be dead or alive."

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9. Emmy talk: Martin acknowledged Dinklage's supporting actor in a drama series nomination as he introduced the actor and later noted that "Sean Bean was robbed; he should be up for best actor."
10. Coster-Waldau opted to go in-character for his response to how the series should conclude, joking that Jaime Lannister and his sibling Queen Cersei live happily ever after. "There's a big battle, and it fades to black. Then 20 years later, you open on a small cottage and Jaime comes out with Cercei and says, 'Finally, my love.' "
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