Comic-Con 2011: 7 Sexy Highlights from the 'Charlie’s Angels' Panel

Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, Rachael Taylor and Ramon Rodriguez discussed the reboot and Drew Barrymore’s “jedi mind tricks.”
Nathan Bell/ABC

Cast members Annie Ilonzeh, Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor, Ramon Rodriguez and executive producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar took the stage of the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront Saturday as part of Comic-Con to give the audience all the details about what makes this reboot different from the others and why you should give them a chance this fall. Here are 7 highlights you should know before tuning in:

1. The show almost didn’t get made.
When Sony originally approach Alfred Gough and Miles Millar with the idea to re-make Charlie’s Angels, they said ‘No.’ After creating and working on Smallville for 10 years which rebooted the Superman storyline, Gough says they were “not ready to touch that pop culture third rail again.” So what convinced the executive producers? Their wives told them they shouldn’t do it.

2. There are four angels in this reincarnation.
Cast members and showruners referred to Rodriguez’s Bosley as the 4th angel multiple times throughout the panel. Bosley won’t just be sitting behind the computer; he’ll be actively involved with the Angels. He’s very tech savvy and has a lot of skills that even he didn’t know about. Bosley also has a closer relationship with Charlie than previously seen before based on their past together.

3. This reboot has a mythology behind it.
The executive producers and creators call the remake “a character driven detective show.” They’ve modernized the show by grounding the characters with extensive back-stories “as opposed to three bored police cadets.” Eve French (Kelly) was a car thief, Kate Prince (Honzeh) was a dirty cop and Abby Simpson (Taylor) was a cat burglar. In fact each of the first four episodes will focus on a specific character with the first featuring the back-story of Eve French. In addition Rodriguez’s Bosley will have a closer relationship with Charlie than previously seen before.


4. Minka Kelly originally auditioned for the role of Abby.
When producers first met with her no one thought it was quite the right fit. Leonard Goldberg, executive producer of the original Charlie’s Angels said, “she’s an angel but unfortunately she’s not one of the angels in this script. ” Kelly took a leap of faith accepting the role, which didn’t really have her in the script. Miles and Gough ended up writing new material with her specifically in mind and to put it bluntly, Eve French is a badass.

5. Drew Barrymore has “jedi-mind” tricks.
Barrymore who is an executive producer on the show played a big part in the development and casting of the show. She put out phone calls to both Kelly and Rodriguez to get them involved in the show. Kelly appeared excited when talking about the interaction and Rodriguez was definitely on board once “she called me on the phone and was like I’d love you to be Bosley.”

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6. The showrunners want an iconic voice for Charlie.
With the recent news that Robert Wagner is out as Charlie due to scheduling conflicts, Miles says they have “a short list” of actors they want to fill the boss man’s shoes. They also asked attendees of the panel who participated in Q and A for their suggestions for the role.  Propositions included Patrick Stewart, John Glover, Nathan Fillion, Gilbert Gottfried, James Brolin, and Scott Bakula.

7. Fashion could be the fifth angel.
“Fashion is a big part of the brand and the history of Angels” said Miles. So the showrunners hope the girls’ looks on the show will still be “watercooler fashion. ” The actresses are also excited about hearing the audience’s thoughts on what they wear. Taylor says “my whole life I’ve wanted to be on this fashion website, gofugyourself and I’ve already made it.”