Comic-Con 2011: ‘Shameless’ Star Emmy Rossum 'So Tired' of Nude Scene Questions

That actress has a bit of a freak out at Showtime's panel on Thursday.
Wendy Redfern/Redfern/Getty Images
Emmy Rossum on "Shameless."

We may have asked Emmy Rossum about her sex scenes on Showtime’s Shameless once or twice. It’s kind of hard not to. They’re intense, sexy (even when they’re not supposed to be), and plentiful.

Yet, the actress made it clear at Thursday’s Showtime Panel at San Diego Comic-Con that she’s really quite over answering questions about her nudity and sex scenes.

“I’m so tired of answering this question,” Rossum says with more than a hint of frustration in her voice after the moderator asked her about her thoughts on nudity and she decided to give them.

“It’s so inane that it’s such a big thing,” she continues as the audience applauds her. “Like if someone takes off their clothes, that’s such a big deal. There’s such a stupid stigma about it. It’s just a body. It doesn’t say anything about who you are inside.”

Maybe, the interest in her character’s very brazen sexuality on the show comes from the fact that she was an unexpected pick for the role. Many fans know her as the young, glamorous naïve star in the feature film version of the Phantom of the Opera. Possibly, after a season on the series, she hopes that we’ve seen her in a different light – even when fully clothed.

“I think I revealed way more in the show in scenes where I got to be unattractive and angry and bitter and lonely,” she explains. “Than I ever did in a scene when I’m having sex with my boyfriend. It doesn’t seem all that much to me, but it seems that people are all in a tizzy.”

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