Comic–Con 2011 'Torchwood' Panel: 10 Best Moments and Sneak Peek (Video)

THR’s favorite moments from the Starz series’ panel.

Torchwood cast members John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Mekhi Phifer and Alexa Havins along with writer Jane Espenson appeared to a packed (and exuberant) house on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con.

Moderated by’s Denise Martin, we have to give her credit for containing the huge energy that was Barrowman.

Here are our 10 favorite moments from the panel.

1. Barrowman may be shirtless without the Con: The actor admits he spent about $2000 on the convention floor this week. “I buy all my t-shirts at Comic-Con,” he says.

2. Who wasn’t a fan of Torchwood before Miracle Day?: Phifer and Pullman admit they hadn’t watched the series before joining, though Pullman tried to fake as if he had been a fan for years. “I flew to England and stood outside the set with Captain Jack’s coat on,” Pullman says

3. Spoilers are hard to hide from your husband when you star in the show: Havins says her hubby is a big fan of the show and jokes that she would’ve have been served divorce papers if she didn’t take the part. On nights when she comes home disheveled, though, he just can’t help but ask what happened. That’s when she cashes in on her honey-do list.

4. If you like Dark Chocolate, Episode 5 will please you: Espenson says that if fans like their Torchwood a bit dark, then Episode 5 will be their thing. She compares current episodes to Episode 5 as milk chocolate to dark chocolate. All the while, Phifer smiles, then says, “Good to hear.”

5. Myles’ American accent: Gwen will have to fake an American accent on the show and Myles gave us a sneak peek. Barrowman said it sounded a bit Jersey Shore. To which she replied, “I’m fine with that.”

6. Pullman learns something about acting from TV: Being mostly a movie star, Pullman says he felt a bit out of sorts at first with not knowing where his storyline was going. He then realized it was kind of thrilling to be in the moment when he’s acting. “I should approach every part that way,” he says of what he learned.

7. Myles could get used to L.A: The show shot in L.A. for a lot of the season and Myles said she fell in love with the city. Most specifically she gave a shout out to local favorite, In-N-Out Burger, and to the place where her dog gets its blueberry masks. You read that right – her dog loves those masks.

8. Season 2?: There is no decision on a second season on Strarz, but Barrowman says he would love to do the show “another five or six seasons.

9. Balls to the wall: Pullman says that Barrowman tried to hype the cast up before coming out for the panel and told Pullman to “get your balls out.” Pullman says he refused. “There are some things we won’t do,” he says.

10. Jack’s coat: Barrowman says there are several versions of his trademark military coat. For example, one is used just for “hero” shots and close-ups. Also, one sort of billows out like a cape for when they need more drama in a shot.

Starz released a special sneak peek during the panel. Watch it below.