Comic-Con 2011: 'True Blood' Panel's 15 Most Juicy Spoilers and Greatest Moments (Video)

The best from creator Alan and and the cast at Friday's event in San Diego.
Kristin Bauer and Alexander Sharsgard at Comic-Con

HBO’s hit show threw a juicy panel Friday at San Diego Comic-Con complete with creator Alan Ball and cast members Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Kwanten, Nelsan Ellis, Rutina Wesley, Deborah Ann Woll, and Kevin Alejandro.

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Hosted by EW’s Tim Stack, the panel shared their favorite stories from shooting and -- only with a little nod from Ball – admitted a few spoilers for the upcoming season and beyond.

Here are our 20 of the juiciest spoilers and our most favorite moments from the panel.

1. The two sides of Sookie? Paquin says that Eric (Skarsgard) was right when he said there’s two versions of her. “Yeah, there’s definitely a very sweet little girl,” she says. “And then there’s the part of her that has really dirty vampire sex at night.”

2. Bill should have known better. In the last episode, it was revealed that Bill had sex with his great-great-great-great granddaughter. To which Moyer says, “Bill should have really done more research.”

3. Jessica and Jason going to get busy? After Jessica gave Jason (Kwanten) her blood to heal him from the wounds received at Hot Shot, there’s going to be some attraction between the two. “We all know what happens when someone drinks a vampire’s blood,” Woll says. “But I’m more interested in seeing what happens when it wears off.”

4. Is Arlene’s baby evil!? Ball asked the audience if they really thought Arlene’s cute baby is evil. To which, one audience member screamed out to a shocked Ball, “Kill that baby!” Ball says the evil lies within the doll. “We will find out what it is about that doll that makes it creepy," he says. "And it's something very creepy when you find out what it is.” Well, we guess it’s going to be creepy.

5. The famous Eric-Sookie shower scene. Confirmed. Kind of. We don’t read the books, but we also don’t live under a rock. In the Charlaine Harris books, there’s some kind of shower scene that all the readers are waiting eagerly for. Ball says, “There will be a moment in the show when Sookie and Eric will be in a shower. It may not be exactly what happened in the books. It may be weirder and dirtier.”

6. One person’s disturbing is another person’s favorite. When asked what their favorite moments of this season so far are, Ball answered the multiple rapings of Jason by the werepanther women. And while you may have been disturbed by that moment, Kwanten agreed. “It’s nice to get that human contact now and again,” he jokes (we hope). “It’s a bizarre sense of therapy for me.”

7. The “sausage party” by the lake. Paquin refers to the scene in the last episode, which she shares with a naked, swimming Skarsgard and a naked growling Joe Manganiello (who's in rehearsals for his new movie) as the “sausage party.” “I’m 5-4 and ¾ and Joe Manganiello is a foot taller than me. So, let’s just say that proportion wise, when I turn around and look at him… from the professional side it’s very awkward.”

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8. A Pam and Tara hookup? Of course, this story line has only been made possible by the fact that Tara (Wesley) has gone lesbian this season. So, is it possible that Tara and omnisexual Pam are going to get it on? Bauer says, “I can’t wait to hear this.” But, it seems that the pairing isn’t currently on Ball’s radar.

9. The making of Pam. Ball says that we won’t see how Eric became Pam’s maker. Well, not until Season 5.

10. Who would Lafayette choose between Bill, Eric, and Alcide? Ellis says he’s happy with Lafayette’s current love, Jesus (Alejandro). Yet, just as the audience is in mid-aw, Ellis says, “Shoot, I'd date all four of them.” To which Ball responds, “That's season 6.”

11. Sookie’s Fairy Godmother is dead. Now what? This was very interesting. We saw Eric drain Claudette dry two episodes ago, but does that mean she’s gone? According to Ball, “If you’ve read the books, you know fairies are born in litters and they’re identical.”

12. Book timeline vs. Series timeline. An audience member comments that the series seems to be burning right through the timeline of the books and wonders how they’ll sustain the series once they've surpassed the books. Ball says that the series will become less and less like the books as the seasons progress.

13. Hooligans? Again, we haven’t read the books, but apparently there’s an establishment called Hooligans. Ball on whether it will appear in the series: “It may not have the same name, but there will be a business venture that involves people of both sexes taking their clothes off for some kind of supernatural purpose in Season 5.”

14. And we’re not done with the supernatural population boom. “Well, I do believe that we will see spirits without bodies,” Ball describes. “Whether you want to call them ghosts or not. We are seeing glimpses of a particular kind of brujo-based freakish creature-slash-demon-slash-something that we’ll see a lot more of this year. And we’re starting storylines for Season 5 and we’re researching new kinds of supernatural creatures you may not have seen before.”

15. Flying and flashbacks, these are a couple of Skarsgard’s favorite things. The actor says he just enjoyed doing the flying scenes and says of the flashbacks that "you get to learn a lot more about Eric and Bill, where they come from and why they’re like what they are today.”

HBO shared an intense sneak peek at the rest of the season at the panel. Watch it below.

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