Comic-Con 2011: 'The Walking Dead's' Robert Kirkman and Andrew Lincoln on Rick's Evolution (Video)

The comic book creator and star tell THR how much of the violence from the comics will make its way into Season 2 when it comes to Carl.
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For fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead who haven’t read the comic books on which the zombie drama is based, Rick and his son, Carl, are put through quite the ringer.

[WARNING: Spoilers from the comic book series ahead!]

Early issues see Rick, played on the AMC series by Andrew Lincoln, losing his hand and Carl, more recently being shot in the face.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Lincoln and comic creator and writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman to discuss Rick’s evolution in Season 2 and how much of the violence from the comics will make its way to the small screen.

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“He’s struggling with his sense of responsibility to the group,” Lincoln offers. “You’re not seeing the same heroic, confident, sure-footed guy you saw in pockets in the first season. He’s actually a guy who is doubting himself. He makes one terrible decision very early on in the season which has massive repercussions for the group.

Kirkman, however, played coy when asked if Rick would survive Season 2 with both of his hands. “I think the question is, ‘Will Rick survive Season 2?’ ”

Watch the exclusive video below to hear Kirkman and Lincoln’s thoughts on this and if all bets are off when it comes to violence involving children on the hit series.

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