Comic-Con 2012: ABC's 'The Neighbors' Gets Interactive Booth (Exclusive)

Comic-Con Neighbors T-Shirt - H 2012

Comic-Con Neighbors T-Shirt - H 2012

Comic-Con attendees, prepare to learn the ways of Earth as taught by the aliens from ABC's The Neighbors.

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As part of the freshman comedy's Comic-Con booth on the convention floor of next month's San Diego convention, attendees will experience what the aliens of Zabvron must do in order to fit in on a foreign planet. 

The freshman comedy starring Jami Gertz, Lenny Venito and Simon Templeman revolves around the Weaver family who move to a gated area in New Jersey who learns that everyone in the community is an alien from the planet Zabvron named after famous athletes.

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As part of the Comic-Con booth on the exhibit floor, convention attendees will get a free t-shirt, a special Earthling name and complete an "Earth training session" as well as a preview of the comedy, which launches in the fall on Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. in the prime post-Modern Family slot.

The Neighbors Comic-Con event is similar to the network's Pan Am booth last year when, rather than host a panel screening and Q&A with the cast, ABC brought in part of a replica plane for the airline period drama that took convention-goers through the 1960s-set action.

Comic-Con runs July 11-15 in San Diego.

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