Comic-Con 2012: 'Beauty and the Beast' Stars Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan on Rebooting an Iconic Tale (Video)

Beauty and the Beast fans, feast your eyes on the CW's new fall offering starring Smallville vet Kristin Kreuk and Aussie actor Jay Ryan.

The two stars of the upcoming fall fantasy drama dropped by The Hollywood Reporter's Comic-Con video lounge Thursday ahead of their panel at the convention center to dig deep into their geekiest tendencies -- and offer a preview of what viewers can expect Oct. 11 following The Vampire Diaries.

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Kreuk, who has only been down to the San Diego convention once before for Smallville, offered advice for "Comic-Con virgin" Ryan, who starred in Australian soap Neighbours and appeared on Fox's Terra Nova.

"I feel like you should just soak it in," she tells her co-star. "I'm excited. I like people who dress up so I think we'll have a good time," Ryan joked.

In terms of what Beauty and the Beast will look like, Ryan kiboshed ideas that the TV series will be similar in tone to the animated Disney film, instead suggesting that it's close to the 1987 CBS show with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton.

"It's very much based in modern-day New York City," he says. "I guess we take the same characters and the same names and the same themes that have run through Beauty and the Beast. It's still got the love and the romantic aspect to it."

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As the titular Beast (aka Vincent), Ryan says his character "is part of a military experiment so that's where his back story comes from" while Kreuk's Beauty (aka Catherine) "is a detective in the NYPD so it's got an element of the procedural and an element of mythology and romance."

Production on future episodes has yet to begin, but Kreuk hopes there will be more conflict in store. Meanwhile, "I want to see Kristin kick butt more cause she's great," Ryan says. "There's an operatic moment of the pilot in the middle where Kristin takes on three baddies and then the Beast just comes in the end."

Because Comic-Con celebrates the geek in us all, it was only appropriate for Kreuk -- who has been on the other side of it for so long -- and Ryan what their geekiest moments in their lives were.

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"I got obsessed with Friday Night Lights, like absolutely massively obsessed, like started to watch football. Adrianne Palicki is in it, so she was on Smallville years ago and I remembered her and I went into an audition one day and I didn't think, 'Oh there's Adrianne Palicki,' I thought, 'Oh! Hi!' Like she was my best friend," Kreuk says with a laugh.

"I was a bit of a geek growing up," Ryan says. "I was a big collector of [comic, X-Men] cards and I've still got them somewhere but yea, I've got a bit of a geek streak in me. I should've brought them here and tried to trade them."

And though the chances of it happening are unlikely, both are keen on having Perlman and Hamilton drop by. (Writers and producers, make it happen!)

Beauty and the Beast launches Oct. 11 at 9 p.m. on the CW.