Comic-Con 2012: Behind the Scenes of THR's Roundtable (Video)

Stars Ginnifer Goodwin, Joshua Jackson, Stephen Amell, Jennifer Carpenter, Lucy Liu and David Boreanaz have a lot in common.

In addition to starring on some of TV's hottest genre shows, the stars are all heading to San Diego this week for Comic-Con International, where they'll sign autographs for adoring fans and take part in panel discussions for their respective shows: Once Upon a Time, Fringe, Arrow, Dexter, Elementary and Bones.

THR's Full Coverage of Comic-Con 2012

The six gathered on a Monday in late June at Milk Studios in Hollywood to step into new roles as private eyes from a 1950s noir photo shoot for The Hollywood Reporter's Comic-Con roundtable.

Behind the scenes, the actors debated which costumes would make for the best disguises (General Zod! Ewoks! Just a plain suit!) at the annual pop culture convention and discussed the values of the convention.

"The thing about Comic-Con is it's incredibly validating because everyone there loves these genres and everyone there is a built-in fan of the subject matter, of anything that is being represented there," Goodwin says.

Watch the behind the scenes footage and see which of the six has never seen Star Wars, who's still obsessed with Princess Leia and more fun from the shoot.

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