Comic-Con 2012: 'Dexter' Highlights: Deb's Reaction, Yvonne Strahovski and More (Video)

Michael C. Hall
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Michael C. Hall walks the red carpet in support of Showtime's Dexter.

Comic-Con favorite Dexter packed Ballroom 20 on Thursday, previewing the first two minutes of its game-changing seventh season -- including how Deb responds to seeing her adopted brother's Dark Passenger.

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In addition to the revelation that picked up immediately after Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) walked into the church to see Dexter (Michael C. Hall) plunge a sword into Travis (Colin Hanks) just as she was about to profess her romantic feelings for him, the cast and creators dished on what Deb finding out means for the series and embarassing moments with new guest star Yvonne Strahovski comparing the Showtime series to cult favorite Chuck.

Here are 12 highlights from the panel:

1. Deb's response contains many, many of her trademark f-bombs. (See the first two minutes in the video below.)

2. Deb is hardened this season after Dexter confesses to killing Travis. "I think if anything it's not that she's shying away from the power and authority she has [as head of Miami Metro], she actually needs it," Carpenter said. "It's the one card she has to play and it's also the one card that will protect and save her. At any second -- if I live! -- I could tell someone to put cuffs on him and I think [Dexter] knows that."

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3. More of Dexter's past will be explored, with Harry also sharing the blame. "Dexter isn't the only one who's impicated in how he is," executive producer Scott Buck said. "That provides some wiggle room, too."

4. As Dexter has evolved to become more human and experience love -- including for Rita as well as Deb -- he's also learned the flipside. "Dexter has learned how to be human, not just in shinny, happy ways but also darker ways -- maniupluative, paranoid, self-serving but still very likable," Hall said. 

5. Carpenter and Hall were both skeptical if Dexter would work. "I just thought I'd do the pilot," Carpenter said. Added Hall of playing the serial killer after playing David on Six Feet Under: "I saw it as a challenge that I'd never encountered before."

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6. Hall's most satisfying kill on the show? It's a slam dunk: "I gotta say, the biggest prize would have to be Trinity. He was the most prolific killer at the time that Dexter had ever killed," " he said to applause. "[The kills] are like my children," he deadpanned. 

7. Dexter's son Harrison will still be a factor for both Deb and Dexter. "As Harrison gets older and becomes more perceptive, it gets diecier every day. Deb now has a sense of what she's dealing with with her brother that changes things as well," Hall says. "He has someone who's really encouraging him to face just what he's trying to pull off as a parent. But Harrison is still in the picture -- and very cute."

8. Dexter has an epic case of denial. "Dexter's power of denial is pretty strong; he'd be hard-pressed to really argue that being a seial killer is an ideal hobby for a parent," he said with a laugh. 

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9. Strahovski, who plays Hannah, a woman with a past that Miami Metro turns to reopen old cases, said Buck called her about the role and said it took her "about a second" to decide to do the show. Added Buck: "I think there's a slightly mysterious quality about her." As for the difference between Chuck and the Showtime drama, Strahovski said the energy on the shows was very different. "It's not so crazy. I'll just say it, Dexter's better. I feel like I have to say that, I'm at the Dexter panel!"

10. When we're in the middle of shooting, I drop an f-bomb like it's nothing. I've done it twice since I've been here and it says, 'Do not do that'!" Carpenter joked of Deb's potty mouth.

11. Carpenter hinted that love may be on the back-burner for Deb and that the romantic element of their story line doesn't seem so far out of left field to her. "There was certainly a fascination deb had with Dexter, some pull she had to him," she said. "It didn't feel like it was so bizarre to play that last season. He is the only path she has. Him stabbing somebody trumps those [love] thoughts."

12. Embarassing moments: Carpenter slipped and fell on ice and Hall caused $8,000 worth of damage to the boat, Slice of Life. "I didn't have to pay for it," he said with a smirk.Watch the trailer, below. Dexter returns Sept. 30 on Showtime. Stay tuned to THR's The Live Feed blog for full coverage from San Diego's Comic-Con.

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