Comic-Con 2012: 'Falling Skies' Gang Tease Rest of Season 2

Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood and executive producer Remi Auchubon were on hand to discuss TNT's gritty alien drama to a rapturous crowd.
"Falling Skies" cast at Comic-Con

Now veterans of Comic-Con, the cast of TNT's Falling Skies offered some key teases for the rest of season two -- and even had a few surprises up its sleeve, including another big character death.

A brief recap brought everyone up to speed on what's been going down with the 2nd Mass. Quickly thereafter, the panelists -- led by Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton and executive producer Remi Auchubon -- revealed intel for the San Diego crowd.

Here are just a few teases from the entertaining panel Friday afternoon:

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Tom and Anna's Relationship Evolves: "Let's just say it gets consummated," Bloodgood said to cheers. "It's interesting. It's a secondary story. ... We have our first argument." For her, the Tom and Anna relationship is rather "subtle" and "very pleasant." "It definitely evolves," she teases.

Is Weaver Different?: Moderator Wil Wheaton, also host of web series 2nd Watch, observed that Patton's Weaver is slightly different in season two. "Weaver has a veil over him," Patton says. "You've seen something in the eyes, little clues given to the audience -- little Morse code being tapped out. If you pay attention, you might see it."

What About Maggie and Hal -- and Karen?: "They are so different," cast member Drew Roy said of the differences between Maggie and Hal. "We're going to see a little more of where she came from and [how she knows Hal]." He teased that it'll come "in an intimate kind of setting so [Hal] has to deal with it right then and there."

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With Karen coming back into the fray -- after Hal and Maggie discover deharnessed kids -- things will definitely get complicated for all parties involved. "Maggie cares about Hal and knows that Hal has feelings for Karen," actress Sarah Carter says. "Part of Maggie's inclination is to step back and see what happens and she's also stepping back because she doesn't trust that thing [looking over at surprise panelist Jessy Schram, who plays Karen]." Schram said: "Hal's got the toughest card here."

Will Charleston Be What 2nd Mass Expects?: They were light on details but Auchubon alluded to the fact that Charleston will not exactly be what they think it'll be. In fact, Lost alum Terry O'Quinn will play a character "Tom knows very well from his past." Rest assured, Losties, Charleston won't be a mythical location. "Charleston is not an island somewhere. He does not have a knife in his mouth," he joked.

About That Death ...: The panelists didn't address it, but Wheaton revealed that "there's a fairly major character death" later this season. Guesses as to who will bite the dust?

On Killing Characters: "It's not eenie, meenie, mine, moe," Aubuchon says. "The decision to have Jimmy (Dylan Authors) was really hard for us in the writers' room as well. Love that character and a lot of people identify with that character. ... What we wanted to make sure this season, that we demonstrated ... that this is a serious world where people can die."

Bonus Item: A sneak peek into an upcoming episode featured a heartbreaking scene between Lourdes, her mother Anna and her love -- who, spoiler alert, gets taken over by disgusting alien bugs.

Falling Skies airs Sundays on TNT and has been renewed for a third season.