Comic-Con 2012: 'Fringe's' Anna Torv on Final Season, Olivia's 'Endearing' Intro in Premiere (Video)

Fringe may be ending after this year, but for star Anna Torv, it's back to business.

Production on the fifth and final season may have not begun (it offically starts Thursday), but Torv -- who read the script for the premiere "only a few days ago" -- confirmed that season five "is a massive reset" when she dropped by The Hollywood Reporter's Comic-Con video lounge to chat about the show.

For her, season five will be an experience that she is excited about.

"We do start in 2036, which is kind of cool because I haven't been in that world yet," she told THR. "I wasn't in [episode 19 of last season], which was sort of the first taste of what the Observer-ruled world was like. It's all very new to me."

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When pressed for details on how Olivia is introduced into the episode, Torv said with a laugh: "It's extremely endearing -- and that's all I can say."

Knowing that this will be the final season and that the Fringe story will be fully wrapped up, Torv viewed it as a luxury.

"The writers are really going to be able to finish the game and to satisfy the fans and to end the story," she said. "For us too, we get to embrace knowing that we really want to make every moment count and enjoy it too."

Unusual for the producers to clue the actors into where their characters are going for the season before it even begins, Torv echoed co-star Joshua Jackson's statements when he revealed during THR's Comic-Con roundtable that he is privy to how the series ultimately ends.

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"This year, I think because there are only 13 [episodes] and also because it's the end of the show, they're thinking about it," Torv says. "I have more information than I ever had before which is really exciting because it means you can do the fun bit, which is planning the arc."

When asked how she would want to close out Olivia's story, Torv shared that she was more interested in how the show -- as a whole -- ends. "I want this show to end well," she says, "because I put a lot of time into this show and I think they're really going to do that."

Because it's the final season, Torv has high hopes that familiar faces like Kirk Acevedo and Seth Gabel, among others, will drop in for the swan song. "All of the above!" she says.

Though the odds for Fauxlivia to come back in season five seems slim (at the moment), Torv hopes that viewers will get one last glimpse of her before the series ends.

"I hope that we really haven't said goodbye," she says.

Fringe, which will hold its Comic-Con panel in Hall H for the first time on Sunday morning, will return for its final season this fall.