Comic-Con 2012: 6 Things to Look Forward to From 'Homeland' Season 2

Executive producer Howard Gordon unspooled a highlight reel featuring new footage ahead of Showtime's "Dexter" session.

Homeland made the most of its limited time at Comic-Con on Thursday, unspooling an action-packed highlight reel from its upcoming second season.

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Introduced by executive producer Howard Gordon (fellow EP Alex Gansa was busy on the set), the Showtime drama footage previewed during the standing-room-only Ballroom 20 session ahead of Dexter's panel featuring stars Damian Lewis and Claire Danes.

Gordon introduced the clip and noted that Danes' pregnancy will not be written into the show.

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Following a freshman season finale that left Danes' Carrie recalling a key name Brody (Lewis) shouted out during their romp together just as she's about to undergo electric shock therapy for her bipolar disorder. Will she wake up and remember the tidbit that ties Brody to Abu Nazir's terrorist cell?

Brody, meanwhile, had a massive tech fail when the bomb strapped to his body didn't detonate -- leaving his videotaped confession out in the open.

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Here are seven things to look forward to from Season 2. (Note: Showtime is not releasing the trailer but we'll post a bootleg when/if one pops up, so check back later.)

1. Brody is inside the CIA.

2. Carrie has recovered from her shock therapy and is back at home living a peaceful life -- teaching.

3. Saul (Mandy Patinkin) may or may not be speaking the truth when he calls Carrie back into service.

4. Back on the job, Carrie is running through Beirut -- the first two episodes were filmed in Israel -- working for the CIA.

5. Carrie is still certain that she's right about Brody. "Being wrong about Brody really f--ked me up, I've never been so sure and so wrong," she says in the clip.

6. Brody says, "I am not a terrorist." Make of that what you will.

Homeland's second season returns Sept. 30 on Showtime. Stay tuned to THR's The Live Feed blog for full coverage from San Diego. 

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