Comic-Con 2012: 'Nikita' Cast Praise Their 'Amazing' Fans, Talk 'Mikita's' Upcoming Shower Scene (Video)

If you were at the panel Thursday evening for the CW's Nikita, Maggie Q's heartwarming story about how a fan volunteered to switch seats with her on the plane ride over to San Diego was as good as it gets.

At The Hollywood Reporter's Comic-Con video lounge, Maggie Q gushed about Nikita's fans. "I'm speechless," she told THR. "The best part about that girl was that when I was in awe of her, she was like, 'Yea, of course I would do that. What do you mean?' She didn't get why I was so grateful. It was amazing."

Melinda Clarke also shared a story about the principal -- who is in his 60s -- of her child's school, who was so nervous about telling her that Nikita was his favorite show, he ended up stuttering his way through.

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At the panel, executive producer Craig Silverstein broke the news that the "Mikita" shower scene fans have been dying for will happen in season three. To say Shane West and Maggie Q were a little more than surprise is an understatement.

"I was smiling," West joked, recalling his reaction. "I thought it was a joke too."

Silverstein says that there are still things that are high up on their list that they want to do, including Maggie Q's pitch of "grappling down a building which we want to do" and factoring in a tank, that one of the crew members owns, into the show somehow.

"We'd love to factor the tank into an episode," Silverstein says. Clarke offered an idea on how to incorporate the tank into Amanda's story line: "She lives in a tank and she pops her head up!"

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Aaron Stanford shared that he hopes season three will see Birkhoff continue to be integrated more into the action and yes, he has the desire to do a "Tyler Perry/Madea-style fatsuit" arc -- just for kicks. "They need something to degrade and humiliate me so I gave them that as an option," Stanford joked. "Hopefully a tradeoff to get some real kick-ass action sequences in there."

The relationship between Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Nikita will be "a rollercoaster" for the third season and "it'll start a little later" in the year.

For Silverstein and company, the third-season pickup wasn't out of the blue. As season 2 progressed, Silverstein admitted that he was "feeling better" about the chances of a return. "That was a palpable thing that was coming from the network and the studio."

Watch the full interview above.

Nikita returns this fall for season 3.