Comic-Con 2012: 'Nikita' Cast, EP Reveal 12 Season 3 Teases

Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca and executive producer Craig Silverstein offered key intel for the new year, which will take place one month later, on Thursday evening.
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Nikita ended on a high note at the end of last season and during the Comic-Con panel Thursday evening, the cast didn’t let up on season three hints.

“It’s going to be more standalone [at the beginning of season three] because they’re going after rogue agents that Percy created. Each one is a window to another world,” executive producer Craig Silverstein says.

Here are 12 things that Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford, Melinda Clarke and Silverstein revealed about the new season -- and more:

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More Owen to Come: Frequent guest star Devon Sawa has been upped to series regular status for the new season. So how will he factor into season three? “Owen is going to come back in the fourth episode and we’re going to answer the questions: Where the hell was Owen? Why didn’t he participate in the raid in Division? Does he still think there are Guardians alive?” Silverstein teased. “He comes back with an agenda.”

From Alcatraz to Nikita: Alcatraz actor Jeff Pierce will appear in the first episode of the new season.

New Division Heads: “As partners, there’s a dynamic. You’ve got the more administrative [in new Division head Ryan, played by new series regular Noah Bean] and as you know Nikita has a huge problem with authority,” Maggie Q says of the . “She’s got to make Ryan happy. That’s going to cause a little [drama] – he has a job to do and she does too – so we’ll see [how it plays out].” West revealed that they were hesitant to see how the “We were all a little dubious. We had to all make certain decisions,” he says. “Michael and Nikita were more comfortable with each together in their relationship – even though [they maybe see things differently]. It’s a slightly dysfunctional family.”

A Time Jump: A month will pass after the events of the season two finale before season three kicks off.

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High on Romance: “Alex finally has a little bit of a romance. I think it’ll be good for a bit and then like [everything], it’ll all fall apart,” Fonseca says, who adds that she hopes that Alex and Sean (Dillon Casey) will get a proper first date. Alex isn’t the only one who finally has some luck in the love department. “[Birkhoff] was kind of a bit of a kissing bandit,” Stanford says of season two, adding that “after the break, maybe there will be some new tension between Birkhoff and Sonya .. and it might not be good.”

On Amanda in Season 3: “I should assume that she’s in exile and in hiding and ultimately I think she’s in the same position that Nikita was where she was all alone. She might have one singular obsession right now and that’s going after Nikita,” Clarke says. Silverstein says that Amanda will not be seen in the first episode. Silverstein also revealed that there will be a "female Roan" in the works.

Alex’s New ‘Identity’: “This season is going to start off very confusing for her,” Fonseca says of her new “identity” as Russian heiress Alex Udinov. “She’s got to own it and I’m not sure how she’s going to be able to handle it. .. She’s such in the public eye. It’s like a new part of Alex.”

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New Sets: “They’ve done the [Division] sets a little different[ly],” Silverstein shares. “There’s a new briefing room.”

Season 3 Theme: If “home” was the season two thru-line, the upcoming season will be rooted in relationships. “The theme would be family,” Silverstein says.

A ‘Mikita’ Shower Scene: Maggie Q may have thought it was a joke, but Silverstein says that there will in fact be a shower scene between Nikita and Michael. “It’s really hard to produce a shower,” Silverstein says to laughs. “Anyway, you’re going to have a shower scene at some point.”

On Killing Percy: Offing Division head Percy (Xander Berkeley) at the end of last season was rough for the producers. “Yea, because he’s such a great actor and he played the part so well,” Silverstein says. “He could still come back in flashbacks.”

Big Baddies: "We've got some MF-ers," Silverstein says when asked about villains. But he says that Amanda will be the main baddie for season three.