Comic-Con 2012: 'Psych' Cast and Producers Preview Season 7, Including Two-Hour Musical Episode

James Roday, Dule Hill and creator Steve Franks wowed the crowd with a season seven teaser featuring footage from the landmark 100th episode and a heartbreaking scene featuring Shawn's father Henry.
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James Roday

Comic-Con hit the ground running with its first television panel for 2012: USA Network veteran comedy Psych.

After an intro video featuring WWE’s John Cena, who has guest starred on the series, moderator (and series actor) Timothy Omundson started off the panel with a cooler of pineapple juice – in reference to Psych’s much-featured fruit.

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A teaser for the upcoming season seven showed snippets of a Blair Witch Project-esque episode, a dating show story line, the 100th episode with Shawn, Gus and company with the original Clue cast for a special themed hour and a brutal scene with Shawn’s father Henry (“Let’s go catch this son of a bitch who shot my dad”) getting shot in the chest which results in Shawn’s search for the killer.

“I suppose getting shot [is my least favorite scene] that I’ve shot,” surprise guest Corbin Bernsen joked to the boisterous Ballroom 20 crowd. “I don’t know if I have a job.”

A young kid took it upon himself to ask USA Network co-president Jeff Wachtel whether the net’s longest-running show currently on air would be back for an eighth season.

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“I sure hope so. The guys deserve it,” Wachtel answered, to which Omundson joked: “That sounded like a non-answer.”

Dule Hill and James Roday gave a glimpse into behind-the-scene on-set antics, including a song called “Boom From the Bottom” borne out of one of the show’s boom operators and his girlfriend as well as a tune called “Excuse Me Roday.”

When asked whether there will be more exploration with the Star Wars universe, the producers were hopeful.

“We really would like to do something extensive with Star Wars,” says creator Steve Franks. “But we really don’t have the money.”

There will also be a Psych musical episode. Franks teased that the two-hour episode will be filmed in October, of which the first part has already been written. He gave a preview of what one of the songs is.

“If there are any Broadway producers in here today and the musical that I write doesn’t turn [out to be crap], I’d love to bring it to Broadway,” says Franks.

Maggie Lawson revealed that Arrested Development alum Jeffrey Tambor will be playing Juliet’s step-dad.

During the panel, it was revealed that there will be a Psych guide to crime fighting that will be released in 2013.