Comic-Con: 'The 100' Teases a Time Jump, a Nuclear Warhead and Smiles (Maybe)

The next year of the CW show will take things back in a science fiction direction, says executive producer Jason Rothenberg.
Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW

When the third season of The 100 debuts, the characters will be dealing with the fallout of the events at Mount Weather — but, as the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel revealed on Friday, they'll won't be doing it when fans might expect.

"We are going to have our first time jump between seasons," revealed executive producer Jason Rothenberg, saying that the third season will pick up the story a couple of months after the season finale and allowing for a reset of the series moving forward. "We change it up every year," he went on, saying that things will head in a more science fiction direction over the next year.

"Obviously the A.I. story sets us in a new science fiction direction, which I'm excited about," Rothenberg said, referencing the character encountered by Isaiah Washington's Jaha in the finale. "We started the show in a sci-fi direction in space, and obviously we lost that in the second season with the Grounders, and I missed it. I'm very excited to get that back."

Eliza Taylor said that, now that her character has been forced to abandon her people, Clarke Griffin is "finding herself. She's going batshit crazy, can I say that? What she did at the end of the season was so huge and so crazy, so she's running away. When we pick things up, I think she's losing it a little."

One character that might help Clarke out is Lexa, with Rothenberg announcing to cheers that Alycia Debnam-Carey will be returning in the third season despite her role in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. "AMC's been really great about scheduling," Rothenberg said, although he wouldn't be drawn on how many episodes she'll appear in.

With other actors from the show, including Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan and Ricky Whittle talking about how the second season impacted their characters (Morgan admitted that her character Raven was "still a little bitter" about everything that's happened, while Avgeropoulos teased that Octavia will "find it difficult to go back to the Arkers" now that the Grounders have brought out the warrior in her), Isaiah Washington teased that big things are in store for Jaha next year.

"Jaha is in a very fancy house with a very fancy, not real woman," he said. "We're gonna have fun with that. He does have access to a nuclear warhead, so things should be interesting."

Rothenberg admitted that the second season of the show had ended up being very intense, intentionally so. "When we started the season, I knew I wanted them to push them over the line," he said. "How far can they go, and when does a good guy become a bad guy? That was the theme of the season. It didn't seem to be an idea that lent itself to musical numbers or humor."

In the new season, he teased, "we'll get some smiles after the time jump. But it won't last."