Comic-Con: CW's Virus Show 'Containment' Touted as "Science-Fact"

At Comic-Con, the stars and producers tease realism in the new CW drama.
The CW

Containment had its world premiere screening at Comic-Con, an event that gathers about 150,000 participants in a small place — arguably, the best and worst place possible to screen a show about a highly contagious virus. (The few sneezes throughout the screening were especially unnerving.)

After the first hour aired, series creator Julie Plec and several of the cast members sat among the crowd to watch while the show's panelists touted how disturbingly realistic the science of it all was.

"One of my favorite moments of the pilot was working with the consultants," star Claudia Black said of working with real CDC workers. "It's 100 percent plausible," she said of the show. this is exactly how this kind of virus would mutate."

"It's not science-fiction, it's science-fact," George Young added.

The freaky realism of the science is amplified by the fact that the plot revolves around very ordinary people who have their lives completely turned upside down when a mysterious man gets sick and dies, leading to the quarantine of part of Atlanta.

"I wanted it to be a show about us, about what would happen in the real world," pilot director David Nutter said. And after seeing so many smaller outbreaks in recent years, he wondered: "What would happen if you made it very real, very intense? ... It's going to be a watercooler show ... it's compelling drama."

"I love to write about people, falling in love, falling out of love ... fighting for their own self-protection and survival," Plec said. "I write about loss and grief, and things set in an extreme circumstance, which is why people want them."

Beyond the pilot, "The virus is pretty deadly pretty fast," executive producer Chris Ord teased.

Added executive producer, Matt Corman: "Every single episode has turns and thrills."

Which all plays into Plec's three "H" mandates for every hour of the show: "Heart, horror, and holy shit."

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