Comic-Con: 'The Flash' Casts Classic Speedster for Season 2

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Some DC fan favorites are speeding into The Flash season two.

Teddy Sears (Masters of Sex) is joining the show as Jay Garrick, who in comic book lore was the original fastest man alive.  In the show, he will arrive in Central City to warn Barry (Grant Gustin) and his STAR Labs friends of an impending danger that he needs help to stop. Garrick's appearance was teased in the finale, when his winged helmet flew through a wormhole into STAR Labs.

Also in the mix for season two is Shantel VanSanten as Patty Spivot, a more recent addition to the comics. She's a police detective and science enthusiast on whom Barry ends up having a crush. Patty herself is obsessed with metahumans and is the new partner for Joe (Jesse L. Martin).

The new season will pick up a few months later and there will be many new faces, executive producer Greg Berlanti revealed at Comic-Con.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed Professor Zoom will be the big bad of the season. He's faster than both Reverse-Flash and the Flash — and will be very difficult to catch. Wally West — another speedster from the comics — will also be joining the show. 

"This year we will be introducing characters from Earth-Two," said Berlanti, referencing the multiple universes that exist in DC Comics lore. Garrick will come from Earth-Two.

As for why they chose to introduce Garrick, Kreisberg said it was an interesting opportunity.

"He's never been portrayed to our knowledge in live action. Now that we've established our Flash, we thought it was interesting to bring on the original Flash and create a brand new relationship for Barry to have."

The Comic-Con panel featured a special video introducing the characters.

The Flash's freshman season ended on quite the cliffhanger, with Barry attempting to reverse a singularity that threatened to engulf Central City — and perhaps the entire world. This happened just minutes after Reverse-Flash's (Tom Cavanagh) body was sucked into a wormhole after his ancestor Eddie (Rick Cosnett) killed himself to stop his rampage. In other words, there was a lot to talk about.

The producers have said other speedsters would be introduced for season two (the finale featured comic book speedster Jay Garrick's helmet).

The conversation took place during a massive DC/Warner Bros. TV panel also featuring CBS' Supergirl, Fox's Gotham, and CW's Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and animated spinoff Vixen.

Season two of The Flash premieres Oct. 6 on The CW.

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