Comic-Con: 'iZombie' Cast and Producers Warn Zombies Will Be on Defensive in Season 2

iZombie S01E13 Still - H 2015
Diyah Pera/The CW

iZombie's first season only ended a month ago, but when the cast and producers hit Comic-Con on Friday they were able to offer a few teases about where the show is going to go in its sophomore run.

"Well, everyone does hate Liv (Rose McIver) right now," iZombie creator Rob Thomas joked during the panel. "As we start season two, Major (Robert Buckley) is still not over the fact that Liv did not let him in on her zombie secret … Peyton (Aly Michalka) is still on a walkabout … [plus] she's a bit on the outs with any surviving family members she has."

Michalka, who was touted as a surprise panelist, acknowledged there was no way she could walk away from the show and confirmed her return.

"I couldn't leave Peyton hanging and not come back," she said. "How could I not come back? … I would like to learn more about Peyton in her personal life outside of being a roommate to Liv … see her relationship where Ravi (Rahul Kohli) goes."

That might not be the only love blooming next season: Malcolm Goodwin shared he'd like to see who his character is dating next season, and Thomas teased him, "You're in luck."

As for the show's bigger mythology points in season two, fans got a bit of a hint of what's to come when there was a mention of ridding "Seattle of its zombie problem."

"That's going to be a big storyline in season two," Thomas previewed. "Suddenly the zombies who were on offensive will find themselves on the defensive … [and it'll make] strange bed fellows of Blaine (David Anders) and Liv."

For Blaine -- who was given the zombie cure at the end of season one -- he'll find himself in his own strange waters as he attempts to navigate his new normal.

"We're humanizing Blaine, quite literally," Anders said. "As an actor, your dream is to diversify your portfolio, if you will…I'm looking forward for season two, and showing you different hues for Blaine."

Looking to season two's brains, McIver shared she had just been clued in on Liv's first few personas for the season. "I'm getting my guitar back out; I sing," she teased. "There's been a few things they warn me about … I [just] hope it's in my wheelhouse."

Thomas went a little further and shared that episode one is "grumpy old man" brain, episode two is "frat boy" brain, and episode three will be "Real Housewife of Seattle" brain.

On a lighter note, the cast was asked which brain they'd eat if they had the chance. Their answers: McIver: "I want to eat Adnan from Serial." Anders: "I'd eat the brain of [Justin] Bieber…my stock answer is, I'd like to see what that's about, and he'd be dead. I don't wish Bieber ill, I think his songs are toe-tapping." Rahul: Daniel Day-Lewis, to get into his method acting.

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