Comic-Con: 'Limitless' Producer Bradley Cooper Steals the Show — From London

Comic-Con viewers were treated to Cooper's pre-taped intro for the CBS drama's pilot debut.

‎Bradley Cooper couldn't make it to Thursday's Comic-Con panel to promote his upcoming CBS television series, Limitless (based on his 2011 film of the same name), but the executive producer managed to steal the show anyway.

Cooper — who is in London — filmed a video (on his phone!) to welcome Con-goers to the world-premiere screening of Limitless, and he heaped praises on the team continuing for continuing the story beyond the feature film.

"[Limitless star] Jake McDorman absolutely crushes it," Cooper said, also acknowledging the duo's history in American Sniper together. "Hill Harper is also unbelievable. And Marc Webb did an incredible job [directing the pilot]."

But that wasn't all: When Cooper first popped up in the Limitless pilot, the audience let out a sizable cheer. (The busy film actor is making his TV exec producing debut with Limitless, and will recur in the CBS fall drama — schedule permitting, of course.)

After the pilot's screening, McDorman returned Cooper's praise.

"We shot American Sniper together which was a great experience," McDorman recalled. He noted he was very excited to work with Cooper — and Cooper was geeking out himself at the opportunity to work with Clint Eastwood, which McDorman joked was a "meta" experience.  

Getting to film the pilot with Cooper made the Limitless experience easier, as well, he said. "Having a somewhat built-in relationship with Bradley makes it all the more comfortable," McDorman noted, especially since Cooper's presence showcased his support for what they were doing with the show.

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