Comic-Con: 'Zoo' Co-Creator Jokes About PETA Uproar

Zoo Jackson Oz Still - H 2015
Courtesy of CBS

Zoo Jackson Oz Still - H 2015

Zoo made its Comic-Con debut during the CBS TV Block, and almost instantly, the show's co-creator, Jeff Pinkner, acknowledged the recent uproar from PETA about the use of live animals.

"PETA has been concerned about the treatment of animals; we're more concerned about the treatment of [Zoo star] Billy [Burke]," Pinkner joked, after Burke talked about a particularly rough filming day.

And though the cast has filmed scenes with bears, leopards, lions and more, "I'm more scared of my fellow actors than the animals," star James Wolk joked. (The cast did out him as being terrified of baby leopards — Wolk countered that he's allergic to cats.)

The short panel was light-hearted as the panelists did something unique: After each fan question, a panelist asked a question to the fan. (All animal related, including where the shark attacks happened in Jaws, etc.)

As for what's happening in the rest of the season, the panelists were mum on whether the different animals would work together, but Zoo co-creator Josh Appelbaum teased, "Things go pretty nuts."

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