Comic-Con: 'Beauty and the Beast' Cast, Producers Tease Season 2

Beauty and the Beast - H 2012

SAN DIEGO — "I just wanted the fans to stop harassing us about it on Twitter," Beauty and the Beast star Jay Ryan said jokingly about Vincent and Catherine's romance.

It was the vocal fans on Twitter and social media that prompted the producers and writers to move forward with the pairing I'm season one. "We had a lot of discussions about it," executive producer Jennifer Levin said. "We felt like we couldn't do" the show without the duo's relationship progressing in a significant way.

But the new season of the CW drama, returning in October, will see some changes. As the producers revealed Thursday at Comic-Con, the theme of season two will focus on the question: Who am I?

"There are a lot of changes for season two for Vincent (Ryan), even a new beast look," Ryan said.

Season two will kick off three months after Vincent is captured by Muirfield and when Vincent re-appears, he is a "supercharged" version of himself. The first episodes will show how the Vincent's disappearance has impacted everybody, with the panelists promising a "bigger mythology" this year.

"This year is about how hard it is to be in love," Levin said, adding that viewers will also see Catherine outside of her relationship with Vincent.

The mystery of Catherine's (Kristen Kreuk) father will also play an integral role in season two. "When she finds out," executive producer Sherri Cooper said, promising that once Catherine finds out she will go out on a search. "We won't tease it too long," she promised.

The producers also promised that J.T. (Austin Basis) "is going to be an integral part of the season," Cooper said. "We didn't use him enough [last year]. Is there a bigger secret we haven't revealed yet?" Cooper alluded to the fact that J.T. may also have a new romance.

Another thing to look for in season two? Several new characters, though producers were coy.

Beauty and the Beast returns Oct. 10 on The CW.

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