Comic-Con: 'Doctor Who' Star Peter Capaldi Makes His Debut, Reveals New Footage

The star joined Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez and EP Steven Moffat for a lively Hall H panel Thursday.
Adrian Rogers, BBC/BBC Worldwide

The doctor did not disappoint.

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi made his triumphant debut at Comic-Con Thursday to a packed group in Hall H.

"It's cosmic," said Capaldi. "I've never been in front of 7000 people before in my life."

Although it was his first time at the Con, it didn't take long for Capaldi to learn how to get the crowd going. "I can't hear you at the back," he said, igniting roars from the crowd.

A day after surprising fans in line – many of whom waited overnight to get into the highly anticipated panel – Capaldi joined stars Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez and executive producer Steven Moffat to reflect on his journey as the time-traveling doctor so far, and to tease what's ahead.

A big point of discussion on the panel was the shocking revelation that Missy is a female incarnation of the Master. "I think he or she or it is everybody's idea of the kind of the best villain you could have. It's kind of like the best friend that you love to hate, "said Gomez. "She just has a kind of attitude where the rules don't apply to her and that's makes it really fun to play."

However, the dynamic between her and the Doctor is much more complicated than simply foes. "They are friends. That's the terrifying thing," said Moffat. "It's a relationship between a vegetarian and a hunter."

In the wake of that revelation,  Missy will have to change her tactics this season. "She has to come from a different angle, which is kind of surprising and exciting to play as well," said Gomez. "It’s a slightly different dynamic to her."

Thankfully, the Doctor and Clara will become a more united front this coming season. "They're very much a team," said Coleman. "After the end of last series, they found their groove and they're very united in the Tardis eating up all of time and space with reckless abandon."

Added Moffat with a laugh: "What could possibly go wrong."

This stronger team dynamic will change the tone of the show. "I think because Clara and the Doctor feel more in a groove, they are really enjoying being the luckiest people in all of history because they get to play with this immense toy box," said Capaldi. "They throw themselves recklessly into the pursuit of adventure. Which is lovely, that’s a whole different tone. That’s daredevil."

Coleman agreed. "It's really adrenaline-fueled and about living in the moment."

That is particularly true for Clara following the loss she suffered at the end of the last season. "I think it’s a change of perspective and the idea that life is short and I want to live it and feel it and feel alive," said Coleman. 

So how will Clara juggle her job as a teacher and time-traveling adventures going forward? "She's a multi-tasker I think but…. it becomes addictive," said Coleman.

Clara will also have her hands full this season when she attempts to teach the Doctor some much needed people skills. "Clara does help him with his social skills, tries to make him more of a welcome party guest," said Capaldi,

As for the party guests coming to Doctor Who this season, Moffat was tight-lipped about Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams' appearance. "It's going to be surprising, what she gets up to, " said Moffat.

Thankfully, a new trailer for the upcoming season proved to be slightly more revealing. Watch the video below.


The new season of Doctor Who premieres on Sept. 19.

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