Comic-Con: Watch the 'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 2B Trailer

The trailer for the zombie drama's second half debuted Friday at Comic-Con ahead of the show's Aug. 21 return.
Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

AMC's Fear the Walking Dead used its second appearance at Comic-Con to unspool the new trailer for the second half of its sophomore season.

The first half of season two ended with the group splintered — in a storyline reminiscent of the flagship series. The survivors were last seen bolting from Celia's burning mansion in Mexico, with Madison, Alicia, Ofelia and banished Strand together in a pickup and heading for seemingly anywhere else.

Meanwhile, Nick is out on his own after having rejected his mother's request to jump in the truck as he explores his own journey in a world full of the undead. As for Travis, he vows to remain with son Chris after telling Nick to keep his whereabouts with Chris from Madison.

The biggest questions entering the second half of the season is whether Daniel survived the fire he set at Celia's, if the group can be reunited and what will come of Flight 462's Alex, who was floating on a raft after being cut from the Abigail.

Fear the Walking Dead returns Aug. 21 on AMC.

Watch the trailer below, and bookmark to keep up with all the highlights.