Comic-Con: 'MacGyver' Team Wants Richard Dean Anderson on CBS Reboot

Macguyver Panel Comic-Con - H 2016
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The past and future MacGyvers might be sharing the screen together this fall.

The team behind CBS' rebooted action thriller MacGyver revealed Thursday during their Comic-Con panel that they are trying to get original star Richard Dean Anderson to appear on their show. Anderson starred as the original Angus MacGyver for seven seasons on ABC.

"We're hoping to get him on the show," said showrunner Peter Lenkov. "We're really all into this. We're all MacGyver fanatics so we're hoping to get him on the show and have him be on this incarnation. We're reaching out and we're hoping it happens."

Lenkov, along with director James Wan, revealed that they were keeping their new CBS take as close to the original series as possible. 

"We wanted to really honor the original show," said Lenkov. "But we're going to spend more time with the family [on the reboot]. The original MacGyver was very much a lone wolf, but we spend time with a lot of other characters. But for the most part, it's the same ingredients in this reboot, from the humor to the heart to the action to the MacGyverisms. When you watch the pilot, there are going to be a lot of Easter eggs there that are really a bridge between the new show and the old show."

Wan agreed, adding, "He's a very positive character and we want to retain that spirit for sure. He's not like James Bond or Jason Bourne, and that's what makes him different. MacGyver is such a different hero than what we see on TV these days, a guy who uses his brains instead of his brawn to solve cases. We don't see that on TV or film, for that matter. I think he's a great role model and there's a void for that kind of character."

While the original MacGyver ran for seven seasons, Lenkov hopes to match that. "If it were up to me, I'd love to do as many [seasons] as we can. But it's really up to these guys," he said, motioning to series stars Lucas Till and George Eads.

One aspect of the original series that Till, the new MacGyver, wants to see carry over to the reboot is the romance.

"[The original MacGyver] had a different girl each episode," said Till. "That's something I would like to have. He wasn't a womanizer, he's a nice guy."

As for all the seemingly impossible hacks that MacGyver is known for, Lenkov revealed that they did their research when coming up with the hacks for the reboot.

"The pattern is about two [hacks] per act," he said. "All the MacGyverisms are based on something that's real. They're all real. But they could be dangerous in the wrong hands."

CBS is very committed to bringing MacGyver back to TV. The drama is already on its third writer and is reshooting the pilot, with only original stars Till and Eads returning. Lenkov boarded the series after the original pilot, with Wan set to direct the reshoot

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MacGyver is set to premiere Friday, Sept. 23, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.