Comic-Con: 'Nikita' Creator Aims to Hit the Ground Running in Final Season

“Knowing it’s going to finish lets us end it, hopefully, with an exclamation mark," executive producer Craig Silverstein said Friday at the show's final panel.
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"Nikita's" Aaron Stanford, Melinda Clarke, Noah Bean and executive producer Craig Silverstein

SAN DIEGO — It’s time to say goodbye to Nikita.

“It’s bittersweet,” creator/executive producer Craig Silverstein said Friday during The CW series’ final Comic-Con panel. “I’m glad we’re able to end it, give it a full close instead of ending it where it was.”

He added: “Knowing it’s going to finish lets us end it, hopefully, with an exclamation mark.”

Star Maggie Q admitted that her “heart hurt” when the news came in May that the action drama would be wrapping for good after the upcoming season. “I’m going to miss them [the cast and crew],” she told the crowd in Room 6BCF.

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The actress had high hopes for the final run, which begins filming Monday in Toronto. “We get to end the show with such integrity and with our heads high,” she said. “I didn’t want it to drag out … I wanted it to go out and have everyone feel full and still a little hungry. Hopefully that’ll happen.”

There has been discussion among fans that a six-episode wrap-up is nearly not enough to complete the Nikita story, and Silverstein addressed fans’ worries. “What it means is you get right to the good stuff. You don’t have the slower build-up,” he explained. “That’s how we’re going to start, right in the middle of it and not take our foot off the pedal until the end.”

With the final days in sight, Silverstein characterized the last six as “the final fight,” with more exploration of Nikita’s origins. “What was she like? Where did this all start for her?” Silverstein said, cautioning that season four “is not going to be a tour of greatest hits of season one. It’s pretty much new stuff.”

Other things to keep in mind for the new season include: Michael (Shane West) and Nikita’s reunion, a new lair (see: airplane), Owen (Devon Sawa) will be back in the fold and a reunion between Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Owen in the premiere.

There are also hopes of bringing back favorite Nikita players, like Roman and Percy, the latter possibly in flashback. “A whole Xander flashback?” Silverstein asked. “I’d love to see it, yeah!” There will, however, be new characters.

When asked about the possibility of continuing Nikita beyond The CW with a Hulu or Netflix, Silverstein admitted that there have been no conversations. “Nobody has said anything like that, so I don’t know,” he said, later pointing to other iterations of Nikita (including USA’s La Femme Nikita) that have kept the character alive.

West, Melinda Clarke, Aaron Stanford, Noah Bean and Fonseca also took part on the panel.

Nikita returns for the final run of episodes in midseason on The CW.

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