Comic-Con: 'South Park' Won't Tackle Pokémon Go in Landmark Season 20

Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker also revealed during their Friday panel that 'South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut' was originally meant to be a final chapter for the TV series as they believed they were going too far with the content in the movie.

Pokémon Go has taken over the world, so it's obviously going to be skewered on South Park next season. Right? The answer isn't what you'd expect.

That was among the topics that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been asked repeatedly during the past week. But Parker revealed Friday during the South Park: Season 20 Comic-Con panel that fans shouldn't expect to see an episode devoted to the gaming phenomenon — because they've already done it.

"We did it in 1999!" Parker said. "We did an episode called 'Chinpokomon.'"

Parker went on to explain the plot of the season three episode: the South Park kids, fallen under the spell of the Chinpokomon fad, bought popular Japanese merchandise that had chips in them which sent the kids' locations to Japan. The entire thing was orchestrated by Japan to overtake the U.S. government by infiltrating the system through the children and orchestrate an attack on Pearl Harbor.

"They ripped off our f—king thing!" Parker said with a laugh. "So we're suing them for our f—king idea."

"I'll bring that up on Sunday at the Pokémon Go panel," moderator Chris Hardwick said with a laugh.

As for what South Park will tackle in season 20, Stone and Parker still have no idea what themes or controversies they'll tackle. But since they don't start writing episodes until six days before they air, they've still got time — season 20 doesn't premiere until September.

Other highlights from the panel:

•South Park: The Fractured But Whole special edition video game is coming out by the "holidays-ish," according to Parker and Stone.

•South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut was meant as a final chapter for South Park since Stone and Parker believed they were going too far with the content in the movie. "We had a big argument with the studio because they wanted us to make it PG-13, but we were like, 'Why?'" Stone said. "But they let us do what we want and it's worked so far." They've also considered doing another movie, but they're focusing on the show right now.

• In the past two years, Stone and Parker have realized that stories they're breaking in the writers' room have already been done ... but not by another show like Family Guy or The Simpsons. It was done by South Park, 10 years ago. It's hard remembering 20 years of stories, they joked.

• Two months ago, Parker randomly played D&D with Elon Musk. According to Parker, Musk plays as a human paladin.

• When asked whether viewers would meet Donald Trump's American doppelganger next season since they already killed him off as the President of Canada last season, Stone deadpanned, "You mean Mr. Garrison?" Parker then added, "Unfortunately we've already raped and killed him. But that was Canadian Donald Trump, so ... ?"

• PC Principal isn't going anywhere. "We will definitely see him in season 20," Stone said.

South Park returns for season 20 on Sept. 14 on Comedy Central.

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