Comic-Con: 'Psych: The Musical' Debuts Delicious New Trailer (Exclusive Video)

SAN DIEGO — After more than a year in the making, Psych's anticipated musical is finally here. (Well, almost here.)

The two-hour Psych: The Musical, filmed back in October, will hit the small screen on Sunday, Dec. 15, it was announced at Comic-Con on Thursday. If Comic-Con regulars recall, Psych creator Steve Franks broke the news at last year's panel, revealing that the first part of the musical had already been written and conceived.

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The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts the trailer for Psych: The Musical, which features snippets of songs sung by Santa Barbara's favorite fake psychic Shawn (James Roday), his sidekick Gus (Dule Hill) and other members of the Santa Barbara Police Department. Don't worry, there is a significant amount of dancing, too. (Lucky Comic-Con attendees were treated to a midnight screening at Reading Cinemas on Wednesday, with castmembers arriving in Weinermobiles to introduce the musical.)

Here's the official logline for Psych: The Musical, which features  Rent star Anthony Rapp: Shawn and Gus track down escaped playwright mad man named Z (Rapp), who six years earlier was deemed criminally insane after locking a critic in a back room of the theater that he burned to the ground. Shawn and Gus are forced to consult with the one person Z confided in while in the institution, a dangerous villain from Shawn's past.

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Additionally, the results for a contest that kicked off in June, which asked viewers to choose a storyline to feature in a season eight episode, was announced at the Psych panel.

The winning arc, "A Nightmare on State Street" (previously "Dream Therapy"), snagged more than 50 percent of the votes. It will be written by Roday. The storyline sees an exhausted Gus entering dream therapy to understand the cause of his recent night terrors, but after therapy, nothing is as it seems.

A new trailer touting season eight also debuted, but before showing off new footage, it highlighted some of season seven's best one-liners. The video showed Shawn and Gus getting into even more shenanigans and the return of Pierre Despereaux (Cary Elwes).

Elwes won't be the only boldfaced name joining Psych, as the veteran comedy has added Mira Sorvino (recurring as Santa Barbara PD's new head detective) and Tom Arnold (playing a paranormal police consultant) in recent days. Other guest stars include Peggy Lipton, Loretta Devine and the return of Kristy Swanson.

It was also announced that Roday (@JamesRoday) and Franks (@SteveFranks) joined Twitter, with the duo sending out their first tweets during the panel session, which was moderated by Elwes.

Psych returns this winter on USA Network.

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