Comic-Con: 'Rick and Morty' Co-Creators on Avoiding 'Community' Pitfalls, Mr. Meeseeks' Return

Rick and Morty Still - H 2015
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Rick and Morty Still - H 2015

The team behind Rick and Morty is starting to have second thoughts about their decisions to omit certain characters from the show's upcoming second season.

Co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland took part in a Comic-Con panel Friday to promote the Adult Swim series, with Harmon explaining that they did their best to limit the number of side characters from season one who popped back up. 

"There was a heavy impulse in season two to not call anything back from season one," Harmon explained, adding that he learned the lesson from his last series. "Community became an inside-joke show."

That said, there is one fan-favorite character whom they would have featured in more of the upcoming episodes had they realized how beloved he would become. "If I had known how popular Mr. Meeseeks would be, we would have done a Meeseeks episode," Harmon added, with the writers revealing that Meeseeks would show up briefly in a season-two cameo. 

Rick and Morty voice castmember Ryan Ridley joked, "We ironically brought the characters back that nobody asks if we're bringing back. Y'all remember Deerhead, right?" 

When a fan asked if Evil Morty would return in the season, which earned a loud cheer from the crowd, Harmon lamented that he now wished he had a different response to the query. "Talk about a reaction to a question that makes us know the answer is wrong," Harmon said. 

They debuted a clip from an episode of the new season, which introduced the family's lovable Uncle Steve, along with a strange creature that resembled a banana wearing a top hat and was referred to as "Mr. Poopy Butthole."

An audience member asked the team how long they would keep the show going if they had unlimited time to make the episodes. "I would go forever if we had unlimited time," Roiland said, joking that he still would be doing the voices of Rick and Morty while he's on a respirator in a convalescent home.

Harmon had another suggestion for how to keep the show going well beyond its sell-by date: "Your crappy son starts doing the voices," he said to Roiland. "It sounds just a little different. [I'm like,] 'Fine, I'll take it.'"

The event was not without its random non sequiturs, including Roiland doing an unorthodox impression of JFK. "I do declare I like buttholes, we will go to the moon and we will find the moon's butthole," Roiland said as the former president. He then added: "I do declare this whole show is a ripoff of The Simpsons." 

Roiland also joked that Rick would be anti-vaccine in season two. "[We provide] science to back it up," he said. Harmon chimed in, saying an episode would feature "15 minutes of just a crawl [of facts]," along with "testimony from Jenny McCarthy."

The panel was moderated by Practical Jokers' Brian Q. Quinn, who joked, "Ryan [Ridley] is the only one [on the panel] not halfway drunk or drinking alcohol currently."

Rick and Morty's second season premieres July 26 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block.

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