Comic-Con: 'Sherlock' Producer on Chances of a Movie, Season 3 and 'Doctor Who'

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman made an appearance via video to a full Ballroom 20 in San Diego.

SAN DIEGO — Sherlock took over Ballroom 20 in high style Thursday.

Although stars Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch were not present at Comic-Con, Cumberbatch sent a video message explaining the Reichenbach fall that Sherlock experienced, except there's a twist: Stuffed animals and guns may have had something to do with the fall, though the signals would cut out throughout the explanation. Freeman also taped a message for the at-capacity room in full Hobbit makeup.

Ballroom 20 also erupted when the first footage of season three featuring the the main players was shown.

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And if you're wondering, Cumberbatch and Freeman are optioned for a season four, said executive producer Sue Vertue, though it is unclear when Sherlock would commence production.

In the season-three premiere, "The Empty Hearse," the panelists revealed the focus will be on the impact Sherlock's faked death will have on Watson.

Would Sherlock work as a movie? Co-creator Steven Moffat at least entertained the idea when asked the question, saying it's an "interesting thought."

When asked whether there was romance for Sherlock on the horizon, Moffat joked, "He'd poison his girlfriend just to see if it worked." The Doctor Who executive producer added that "sex for Sherlock happens up here," referring to his brain. The return of Mycroft Holmes (Mark Gatiss) also was teased during the panel.

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The producers also admitted that had Sherlock been cast today, it would be near impossible to lock in Cumberbatch and Freeman because of their ascent in Hollywood.

Of course, it would only be appropriate for a Doctor Who question to surface during the Q&A session. When asked about speculation that Moffat may be casting a female Doctor, the producer faked a technical difficulty when answering. (The Doctor Who panel takes place Sunday in Hall H.)

Sherlock returns to PBS Masterpiece in early 2014.

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