Comic-Con: 'Under the Dome': Romance for Barbie and Julia, Junior's Mother on the Way

"The season finale ends with a hell of a cliffhanger, so if we're not lucky enough to come back for a second season, you're screwed!" Brian K. Vaughan tells the crowd.
"Under the Dome"

Producers from CBS' summer hit Under the Dome joined stars Dean Norris, Rachelle Lefevre and Mike Vogel to celebrate the show's first Comic-Con on Sunday with a screening of Monday's episode and vowed answers to the show's many mysteries are coming.

Here are eight things to know about the remainder of season one from the panel:

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1. Romance is on the way for Barbie and Julia. Following a screening of Monday's episode that ends with a big moment for the duo. "Jack Bender, who directed [Monday's episode], said, 'Guys, this is your Adam and Eve moment," Lefevre said, noting the series would stay true to the chemistry that exists between the pair. "There's been all this destruction, and this is the beginning of something. They have a long way to go and a lot to talk about, but there's something there that's very hard to deny."

2. Vogel previewed that Barbie's secrets will eventually come out, forcing the guy who has been a hero in Chester's Mill to do a lot of explaining. "He certainly complicates things that much more," he said. "There's a lot of accusations brought against Barbie, but people are going to have to look past a lot of the good that he's done while he's been here so he'll have to reconcile that."

3. Norris, who held court in Hall H early Sunday for the final Breaking Bad panel at the Con, joked that his onscreen son Junior (Alexander Koch) was just "misunderstood."

"He's a sweet kid!" he said to laughs. "It's his mother's side, not me!" True to that, Norris previewed that Junior's deceased mother will come into play. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," he added.

4. The mystery of Big Jim's involvement in the propane stockpile will be explained this season. "We promise all of these secrets coming up will be revealed this season," showrunner Neal Baer said, noting that Jim, Duke and the creepy reverend's connection to it will be uncovered. Also coming: more of denizens of Chester's Mill. "There will also be some mysterious women coming [on screen] who have been trapped," Baer said. "We have 2,000 people under the dome, and there are some people we haven't met. They'll be really crucial to unfurling this story."

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5. Angie (Britt Robertson) will see daylight before her luck runs out. Producers said how she frees herself of the psycho Junior will be revealed in episode six.

6. Producers said episode seven also will be a game-changer and reveal whether or not the dome is a sphere.

7. Producers reiterated that they want the series to continue beyond its first season, warning that while several of the mysteries will be revealed during the initial batch of episodes, there is much more story to tell. "We're going to give you more secrets that will be uncovered," Baer said, noting season one -- and all its Easter eggs -- will be out Nov. 5 on DVD.

8. As for the season finale, EP Brian K. Vaughan warned that not everything will be resolved. "The season finale ends with a hell of a cliffhanger, so if we're not lucky enough to come back for a second season, you're screwed. So write your congressmen!" he said.

Under the Dome airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on CBS.