Comic-Con: Watch 'Family Guy' Remake 'The Princess Bride' With Bill Cosby and Stewie

Family Guy Comic Con Getty 2016 H
Matt Winkelmeyer

At Saturday's Comic-Con panel, Family Guy castmembers and producers rolled out a four-minute-plus highlight reel for the upcoming season 15. 

Not only are they up to their usual antics, but they've appeared to take up new endeavors — Peter an Uber driver, and Chris, Quagmire's assistant. 

The bit also takes on Bill Cosby, showing him in a remake of The Princess Bride. "Now one of these has the iocane powder, you see, and one of them makes you go sleepy-bye with your mouth open," Cosby/Westley tells Stewie.

View all of the season 15 footage here.

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