Comic-Con: NBC's 'The Player' Star Wesley Snipes, Showrunner Tease Moral Ambiguity, Lots of Fire

Snipes' co-star learned the hard way that the actor has a quite a bit of experience in fight scenes.
Gregory Peters/NBC

Wesley Snipes is heading to TV in his first role as a series regular, and he won't be going easy on his co-stars in their fight scenes.

The actor is at the center of NBC's new Las Vegas-set drama The Player, and he joined showrunner John Rogers and fellow castmember Philip Winchester at the show's Comic-Con panel Thursday to preview the series.

The Player, which comes from The Blacklist executive producers John Fox and John Davis, features Snipes as a Las Vegas casino pit boss, while Charity Wakefield plays a card dealer in games for high rollers. They turn to security expert Alex Kane (Winchester, Fringe), who is grieving the death of his wife, to help them prevent the highest-stakes crimes before they happen. 

"The first attractive thing was the writing," Snipes said of the show's appeal, calling the pilot "one of the better action scripts that I read that whole year."

"Then, I found out who was behind it: the team from The Blacklist, another show that I'm a fan of," he continued. "And I was like, 'OK, this might work. Sounds like a party.'"

Rogers said of Snipes' character, "Every week, you're not going to know if he's a good guy or a bad guy. He's making life and death decisions every day." 

According to Rogers, a key theme in the series is power, with episodes focusing on "who has it, who gets to use it, who's responsible for it."

"I just want something that just kicks the doors in every week," Rogers said of the series, with the writer setting out to blend big action sequences with plenty of character development. He compared the show to "classic X-Files" and said fans can expect Kane and the team to tackle "a different crime every week."

One memorable scene in the pilot involves Kane running down the Vegas strip in his underwear. "A lot of network shows are exploitive of women — I like to do a little give-back to the ladies," Rogers joked, earning a large cheer from the crowd.

Snipes and Winchester do a lot of their own stunts in the series, although Winchester pointed out that his co-star has a bit more experience in that department. "[During a fight scene,] I was like, 'Wesley, if I did this …' and I woke up on the floor," Winchester joked.

Rogers confirmed that the show wouldn't pull any punches when it comes to thrilling audiences.

"You're going to see stunts that you have never seen on TV before," he said, adding his crew's mindset is: "It's not what we set on fire, it's how many things are we allowed to set on fire."

The Player premieres Sept. 24 at 10 p.m. on NBC. 

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