'Common Law' Premiere: Michael Ealy, Warren Kole Struggle to Be Cordial (Exclusive Video)

In a little over one day, USA Network launches its latest drama series Common Law and The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive clip from Friday's supersized premiere.

Starring Michael Ealy and Warren Kole as dysfunctional Los Angeles police officers forced to go into couples therapy, Common Law follows in the footsteps of USA programs (White Collar, Suits) featuring a pair of male characters from opposite ends of the spectrum. Executive producer Karim Zreik (Harper's Island) was antsy for the launch of Common Law when he spoke to The Hollywood Reporter recently: "We're all looking forward to the launch. We all feel good."

As they should. At one point, the series was slated for a January debut before it was pushed to May.

"The move didn't affect us that much because we were in the middle of production anyway," Zreik says. "The summer slot is better. This is the time of year [USA] is able to launch their new shows and we feel great about that. Great, witty male banter."

In the exclusive clip from the pilot, Ealy's Travis and Kole's more subdued Wes are putting on a front with their L.A.P.D. boss, who is skeptical that the two are able to work together without getting into a fist fight. As featured in the scene, the duo almost get outed (thanks in part to a trivial conversation about Travis' ways with women), until they fumble their way through their act. "We're just agreeing on something," Wes at one point says after he and Travis try to settle an issue playing rock, paper, scissors.

In speaking about Travis and Wes' rather unique partnership, Zreik noted that their friendship was an area that the producers felt was worthy of delving into for a prolonged period of time.

"The specific component that sets this show apart for us as producers is we wanted to explore how men communicate with each other because there's a difference between how men communicate versus women," Zreik says. "What happens when the guy you've been working with for seven years upsets you or you guys start fighting over something? Is it over in 10 minutes? Does it last a week? There were different elements of the male psyche we wanted to explore and there was no better way to do it than setting it in couples counseling because that is the last place men want to be."

Common Law debuts Friday at 10 p.m. on USA Network.