Communications Exec Paul McGuire Exits Warner Bros. TV

Paul McGuire
Courtesy of WarnerMedia

Paul McGuire is the latest longtime exec to leave Warner Bros. Television.

The senior vp worldwide corporate communications has departed the studio after a lengthy run at Warner Media. Sources note that he made the decision to leave in early 2020, before the pandemic that upended Hollywood and triggered a massive leadership restructuring at the company.

"It’s been a privilege to play a small role the last 20 years in the great production that has been Warner Bros.,” McGuire said in a statement Thursday. "I was lucky enough to join the company thanks to a questionable decision by the same sneaker-clad man who made a similarly suspect move when he brought me inside the wall to Fox in 1987, and it’s been an adventure, from The WB to The CW to the studio. I have had the good fortune not only to work with a long list of terrific colleagues and leaders but also the many fine journalists who still distinguish the fourth estate with honor, integrity and a sense of fair play. You know who you are. As for the future, I plan to continue producing my weekly rock 'n' roll radio show, The Funhouse, Sunday nights on KHUG-FM/Internet Radio, spend more quality time at the batting cage and open my own communications outfit, Last Resort PR."

McGuire first joined what would become Warner Media in 2001 as a network communications exec at the former WB Network, where he worked on hits Smallville and Supernatural. When Warners merged the network with CBS TV Studios and formed The CW, he was promoted to exec vp network communications and worked on mega-hit Gossip Girl. McGuire shifted to the studio side at Warner Bros. TV in 2010 and spent the past decade as senior vp worldwide corporate communications.

Before joining The WB, McGuire was senior vp media relations at UPN and, before that, worked on NBC hits including Friends, ER, Frasier, Law & Order and Homicide during his tenure as vp primetime PR at the network.

While the decision to leave was McGuire's, he becomes the latest exec to leave the studio this year. Scott Rowe, the similarly beloved senior vp communications who spent 27 years with the company, was let go earlier this month after his position was eliminated as part of the larger restructuring at the studio.

Christy Haubegger joined WarnerMedia last year and oversees a communications team that includes James Anderson (corporate), Jeff Cusson (direct to consumer, sales & distribution, technology), Johanna Fuentes (studios and networks) and Allison Gollust (news and sports). Fuentes joined Warners in April and oversees Warner Bros. TV.