'Community' Gets Dark in Hellish Season 5 Trailer (Video)

A longer trailer for the new season, debuting Jan. 2, has arrived.

Just a few days ago, NBC released a straightforward trailer for the "revived" fifth season of Community. Now, a longer teaser has hit the web.

This time, the dramatic trailer puts Greendale Community College in the middle of a major crisis, with Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) declaring that the two-year school is at "Defcon 4." The threat Dean Pelton may be speaking of? Jeff Winger's (Joel McHale) eventual return to Greendale.

VIDEO: 'Community' Season 5 Trailer: A Do-Over Like 'Scrubs' Season 9

The footage still includes pop culture references, like the Scrubs season-nine nod (also included in the first trailer), and offers another preview of the slew of guest stars, like Justified's Walton Goggins and Rob Corddry, dropping by in the new season. If the Community trailer is to serve as an indicator of where the characters and Greendale are, Britta (Gillian Jacobs) is in power, Chang (Ken Jeong) is masturbating everywhere and there is major destruction at the school. There are even robots.

Britta may take the cake for the most meta line of all: "The whole world will be watching this next month!"

Watch the trailer below.

Community returns Jan. 2 on NBC.

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