'Community' First Look: Abed Is a Stand-Up Guy (Video)

Watch the ending tag for Thursday's episode right here on THR.

For some fans of NBC’s Community, there is some excitement after the episode proper is over and the announcer says there’s still more. That’s when the hilarious show-ending tag comes in. And The Hollywood Reporter has your first look at Thursday’s tag right now.

VIDEO: 'Community' Spring Trailer -- The Chang Wars

After you watch the study group help Britta (Gillian Jacobs) avoid going back to an old flame who’s in town with the carnival, Abed (Danny Pudi) hits the stand-up stage.

In the video below, he tries out some material for a stand-up act and Jeff (Joel McHale) doesn’t think an audience is going to appreciate the inside jokes. That’s where he’s wrong, of course, and the meta of Community wins out.

VIDEO: Community's First Animated Short: 'Abed's Master Key' Part 1

By the way, in light of recent events that took place at a comedy club (cough, Harmontown) – the timing on this couldn’t be better (or worse).

Watch Thursday’s tag before it airs below.

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