'Community' Stars Address Premiere Date Shift: October 19th Is 'a State of Mind' (Video)

Greendale is back! Well, sort of.

The stars of Community have been teasing a special video for its cult of fans and finally, the time has come. In a new video posted on YouTube on the day it was supposed to return, Jeff Winger and company address the (lack of) a season four premiere date via the NBC comedy's fake talk show Troy and Abed in the Morning.

"Welcome to the fourth season. We spoke to the powers that be and we agreed to premiere on October 19th," Abed says to kick off the video.

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In pure Pierce fashion, the curmudgeon asks: "What powers that be?! It's just the two of you pretending to have a show."

Troy responds: "Sometimes it feels that way."

But Abed explains just why Community isn't back, at least not yet: "Even though the powers that be agreed to put the premiere on October 19th, they couldn't decide where to put October 19th." Nicely played. Troy: "Should it be in the fall, should it be in the spring?" Britta, rather bluntly: "Why not put October 19th on the 19th of October?"

"That would be logical, Britta," Abed says. "But wrong." Looks like Oct. 19 is more than just a date on a calendar, it's "a state of mind" and "a feeling within us all." Of course, Troy and Abed are totally on board with the logic.

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Abed and Troy reassure that when they do come back to television screens, "It will be October 19th" ... at least in our hearts. (Plus: Who wants to watch a show starring Annie's Boobs? Because the Dean just greenlit it! This, after the two describe the show's debacle as "illogical.")

So until then, "Happy October 19th!"

NBC originally slated Community for a Friday, Oct. 19 return with Whitney, before slotting the latter for mid-November to replace the recently-canceled Animal Practice and taking Community off the schedule. This is the second time Community has been moved off the schedule; last season, the network left it off its initial midseason schedule before the show officially returned that March.

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