'Community' Season 4 Premiere: Greendale Stages 'Hunger Games'-Style Battle (Video)

Community History 101 - H 2013
Vivian Zink/NBC

Community History 101 - H 2013

Welcome to The Hunger Games, Community style.

In a sneak peek for the NBC comedy's season four premiere on Feb. 7, Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) -- dressed as himself, always a bad sign -- settles a score after ice cream passes are forged at Greendale by throwing on a Hunger Games-esque battle: The Hunger Deans.

Dressed in his best Katniss Everdeen "girl on fire" gown, the dean tasks the students to go through 35 tests, the winner of each round receiving a distinctly-marked red ball to be allowed ice cream.

How distinct is the mark? The scene below reveals just how far the dean goes.

Community airs 8 p.m. Thursdays beginning next month on NBC.

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