'Community' Season 5 Trailer: A Do-Over Like 'Scrubs' Season Nine (Video)

NBC's comedy series returns for a revamped 13-episode season Jan. 2.

Community returns in less than one month and NBC has unveiled a new teaser.

The revived fifth season, marking the return of creator Dan Harmon at the helm, picks up without missing a beat -- the latest pop-culture reference being that of NBC's/ABC's hospital comedy Scrubs.

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"It could be like Scrubs season nine -- a revamp, a do-over," the self-aware Abed (Danny Pudi) suggests, offering up the idea that Jeff (Joel McHale) could return to Greendale Community College as a teacher. (The ninth -- and final -- season of Scrubs featured Zach Braff in just half of the episodes and focused on a group of new interns at the hospital.)

From the looks of it, the students at Greendale aren't big fans of Jeff, who has lost control of his life.

The minute-long trailer also shows Breaking Bad alum Jonathan Banks, who will be appearing in the majority of the 13-episode run.

Watch the trailer below.

Community returns Jan. 2 on NBC.

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